Signature Programs

Family Connects

Family Connects, an evidence-based nurse home visiting program for newborns and their families, is one example of the success of CCFP’s work to develop research-based strategies for reducing inequities and promoting positive outcomes for all children. The Family Connects model connects parents of newborns to the community resources they need through postpartum nurse home visits.

North Carolina Education Research Data Center (NCERDC)

This ongoing project was established in 2000 through a partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to store and manage data on the state’s public schools, students and teachers. The data, which include information dating back to the mid-1990s, are available to university researchers and nonprofit research institutions and government agencies.

Longitudinal Studies

Researchers at the Center for Child and Family Policy have designed and implemented, often in partnership with researchers at other universities, longitudinal studies researching that examine how biological, cultural and familial processes impact child and youth development.