New education research? A good chance it’s from North Carolina

NC has become well known for producing high-quality education research

In part, due to the fact that the state has kept track of things like student test scores, teacher demographics, and school accountability data since the ’90s. It also is one of the few states where researchers can get student data (that has been anonymized) from a third party, in this case the North Carolina Education Research Data Center that operates out of the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy.

Wealth Gap Hits Families with Children the Hardest

Children and the Elderly: Wealth Inequality Among America’s Dependents

Christina Gibson-Davis, associate professor of public policy and a Center faculty fellow, and Christine Percheski, assistant professor of sociology at Northwestern, co-authored a New York Times op-ed examining why families with children fared worse as a group financially between 1989 and 2013. Overall, families with children saw their wealth decline by 56 percent during that time.