Prospective Study of Infant Development

Project Description

The Prospective Study of Infant Development is a randomized control trial evaluation of the Family Connects program (formerly Durham Connects). In order to examine the ways in which family characteristics and community services are associated with family well-being, the Prospective Study of Infant Development interviewed families who had participated in Durham Connects  on multiple aspects of family life, including parents’ opinions about parenting, child health and medical care, access and receipt of family services, and mothers’ well-being.

Following the 6-month interview, participant families were invited to participate in a variety of follow-ups, including an 18-month, 24-month, 30-month, 42-month, and 60-month survey.

The project builds off previous projects including the Durham Family Initiative and Durham Connects.

Project Goals

The primary goal of the Prospective Study of Infant Development is to find out how family characteristics and the community services that families receive predict child health and development, parent well-being, and parenting behaviors. With this knowledge, we are developing better ways to match families, both in Durham County and in other communities, with resources that will benefit them.

Project Findings

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