Graduate Opportunities

The Sanford School of Public Policy offers Master's and Doctoral programs. Faculty in the Center for Child and Family Policy teach graduate level courses, serve as student advisors, and often have opportunities for graduate students to gain experience working on their research project teams.

Additionally, many faculty within CCFP have opportunities for postdoctoral associates to further their research training.

Our PhD Students

Our Postdocs

Shannon Dailey

Focus: Children’s Early Language Development

Yuerong Liu

Focus: Risk and Protective Factors of Child Maltreatment in Health Care and Social Service Systems

Open Postdoctoral Position

Drs. Christina Gibson-Davis, Lisa Keister, and Lisa Gennetian of the Sanford School of Public Policy and the department of Sociology of Duke University seek a full-time post-doctoral candidate to collaborate and provide support for a project on net worth poverty and child well-being.  More information and application is available here:

Contact Us

For more information about graduate opportunities and/or other ways students can get involved with the Center for Child and Family Policy, please contact:

Anna Gassman-Pines

Opportunities to Engage

MPP and PhD students have the opportunity to attend events like the Color of Education Summit, which the Center for Child and Family Policy helps organize.