Preschool Development Grant, Birth Through Five – Needs Assessment

Project Description

Together with the Hunt Institute, researchers from CCFP are implementing a collaborative partnership to support NC DHHS’ Division of Child Development and Early Education in completing updates to North Carolina’s Preschool Development (Birth Through Five) Needs Assessment required as part of the state’s current PDG B-5 Renewal Grant. These updates will be aligned with – and thoughtfully expand upon – the original Needs Assessment and the NC Early Childhood Action Plan.


Across five proposed categories of deliverables, the partners will prepare and provide all requested data and supports to DCDEE, including:

  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with DCDEE Leadership and the PDG B-5 Needs Assessment Advisory Committee.
  • A comprehensive data review and update designed to bring North Carolina’s PDG B-5 Needs Assessment, originally prepared and released just before the onset of Covid-19, up to date – allowing policymakers to assess the current realities being faced by the state’s families, children, and early childhood providers.
  • Qualitative data collection in the form of diverse, professional focus groups with families, providers, and other key NC stakeholders.
  • Expert analysis, to include the delivery of a thorough and thoughtful Needs Assessment Update.
  • Ongoing technical assistance and support to DCDEE across the grant period.

Project Findings

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