North Carolina Infant Toddler Cost Feasibility Study – Parent and Provider Panels

Project Description

Together with the Child Trends, researchers from CCFP are gathering feedback from parents and providers on what they believe makes a high-quality early care and education environment for infants and toddlers. Parent and provider feedback will be used as part of a feasibility study on a large-scale high-quality early learning program for low-income and at-risk children birth to three.

This collaborative partnership supports the NC DHHS’ Division of Child Development and Early Education in following up on a recommendation from the to North Carolina’s Preschool Development (Birth Through Five) Needs Assessment. This work is aligned with – and thoughtfully expands upon – the original Needs Assessment and the NC Early Childhood Action Plan.


The CCFP team will conduct qualitative data collection in the form of diverse, professional panels with families and providers from across North Carolina.