Fast Track Data Center

Project Description

The Duke University Fast Track Data Center provides all data files that are necessary to complete analyses to evaluate the impact of the Fast Track preventive intervention program, the factors that account for positive impact of the program, and processes in the development of healthy and problematic outcomes in high-risk youth. The study used the longitudinal data of the Fast Track study to test hypotheses regarding the role of early behavioral disinhibition in later antisocial outcomes. Analyses will examine trajectories of growth through survival analyses.

Project Goals

The Data Center’s work included:

1. Writing SAS programs and codebooks for all variables, concatenating and merging files, cleaning errors in data or documentation, and consulting with data analysts about the files

2. Responding to requests for data files from the Fast Track principal investigators

3. Maintaining institutional approval for research with human subjects

4. Corresponding with government officials and external scholars who request information or data files.

Project Findings