June 16, 2023

Parenting Across Cultures Receives 2022 Article of the Year Award

The Parenting Across Cultures (PAC) project team's research evaluating the effectiveness of Kenya's legal ban on corporal punishment was recognized by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and Sage Publishing. PAC team members received the 2022 Article of the Year Award for their published work in Child Maltreatment.

In the article, "Change in Caregivers’ Attitudes and Use of Corporal Punishment Following a Legal Ban: A Multi-Country Longitudinal Comparison," the team demonstrates that after Kenya passed a ban on corporal punishment, parental use of corporal punishment among study participants significantly decreased.

"One of the exciting aspects of this paper is that at a time when countries are striving to meet the Sustainable Development Goals guiding the international agenda through 2030, this study provides evidence that legal bans of corporal punishment can have the intended effect of reducing violence against children," said co-author Jennifer Lansford.

Among the PAC team include CCFP's Kenneth Dodge, Jennifer Godwin, Drew Rothenberg, Ann Skinner and Center Director Jennifer Lansford.