Child Policy Research Certificate Alumni

Class of 2023

Molly Carson, neuroscience major, chemistry minor

  • Project: The Decline in Pediatric Non-COVID-19 Emergency Department Visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review and Project Proposal
  • Mentor: Dr. Katie Rosanbalm
  • Honors and Awards: Deans List for Fall 2022
  • Quote: “I've been very fortunate to both study and work within Child Policy Research, gaining wonderful mentors and friends along the way. I'm excited to pursue a career in healthcare with a greater understanding of the transformative impact that policy has on the lives of children and families.”
  • Plans after Graduation: “I will be taking a gap year to work as a scribe with the UVA Health System and apply to medical school!”


Grace Lee, neuroscience major

  • Project: Home-Visiting Child Maltreatment Prevention Programs
  • Mentor: Dr. Katie Rosanbalm
  • Honors and Awards: Graduation with Distinction in Neuroscience; Huang Fellowship;
    Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship; Dean’s List with Distinction
  • Quote: “The Child Policy Research Certificate allowed me to explore my interests in child welfare and the effects of early childhood experiences on later life outcomes. Through the capstone course, I learned strategies for communicating my research to a wide audience. I am truly grateful for my experiences and the connections that I've made.”


Aspen Martin, psychology major, German minor

  • Project: Relationships between Substance Use and Adolescent Sexual Abuse: Identifying Opportunities for Intervention
  • Mentors: Dr. Megan Golonka
  • Honors and Awards: Dean’s List with Distinction, continuing.  Most Outstanding Student Researcher: DIS Copenhagen European Clinical Psychology Showcase
  • Quote: “I've found it particularly valuable to conduct independent research with the one-on-one guidance of an expert faculty mentor and then to learn in the Capstone course about how to communicate my science in a variety of academic, public policy, and even informal settings.”
  • Plans after Graduation: “I’ll be pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology in New York!”


Kellyn McDonald, psychology major, African & American Studies minor

  • Project: Mental Health Supports in Public Schools: Perspectives from Student Support Staff
  • Mentor: Dr. Katie Rosanbalm
  • Honors and Awards: Jacqueline A. Morris Fellowship
  • Plans after Graduation: Mental Health Fellowship


Brynn Meyercord, public policy major, global health minor

  • Project: Is Full-Day Preschool Too Much? A Literature Review on Full-Day Preschool Programs, Outcomes for Children, and Policy Suggestions
  • Mentor: Dr. Katie Rosanbalm
  • Honors and Awards: Jacqueline A. Morris Fellowship
  • Quote: “I loved my time in the CPR Certificate program at Duke. I was able to take some of my favorite classes while enjoying the benefits of a small cohort. The independent study and capstone course were the perfect culmination of my experience.”
    Plans after Graduation: “I will be moving to Washington, DC, in the fall and working for Gartner as a Research Specialist.”


Annie Sheeder, psychology major, Spanish minor

  • Project: Social Support, Resiliency, and Their Implications Among At-risk Youths in a Comprehensive Program Fostering College and Career Readiness
  • Mentors: Dr. Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler
  • Honors and Awards: Phi Beta Kappa; Jacqueline A. Morris Fellowship


Jen Wang, psychology major, education minor

  • Project: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs in Asia: A Systematic Review
  • Mentor: Dr. Katie Rosanbalm
  • Honors and Awards: Winfred Quinton Holton Prize for Educational Research, Project of Distinction