Child Policy Research Certificate Alumni

Class of 2018


Chandler Cissel, psychology major, biology minor

  • Project: The Impact of Parental Separation on Children's Substance Use
  • Mentor: Seth Sanders

Attyat Mayans, asian and middle eastern studies and cultural anthropology double major

  • Project: Evaluating Changing Attitudes Towards Education in China: Western Disruption and the Rise of the Study Abroad Movement
  • Mentors: Eileen Chow

Maura Smyles, public policy major

  • Project: The Impact of Legal Representation for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in the United States
  • Mentors: Suzanne Shanahan

Kate Scandura, public policy major, chinese minor

  • Project: The Use of Children as Props in Political Campaign Advertising
  • Mentors: Bill Adair