Improving Attendance in the Early Grades

Anti-truancy programs traditionally target older students, but derailing truancy at a young age is crucial for long-term student success.

A program developed by the Center aims to prevent the onset of truancy among young students by improving teacher-parent communication and giving teachers the ability to intervene when absences start piling up.

Called the Early Truancy Prevention Program, the program was designed in collaboration with teachers and administrators in Durham. Researchers found it reduced chronic truancy without imposing a burden on teachers.

Kids and Tech

6 Concerns About Kids and Tech: What the Research Shows

There’s a lot to worry about when it comes to kids and technology.

Who are kids interacting with? Are they sharing too much online? Are they at a greater risk for bullying?

Parents don’t always understand technology, so understandably, they have concerns.

Center Senior Associate Director Candice Odgers is leading a team that’s using mobile phones to get a glimpse into kids’ daily lives. She recently discussed what the research on kids and technology shows.