Mass Layoffs Linked to Teen Suicide Attempts

Mass layoffs may trigger increased suicide attempts and other suicide-related behaviors among some teens, says new research by Anna Gassman-Pines, Christina Gibson-Davis and Elizabeth Ananat in the American Journal of Public Health. 

The study adds to the evidence that factory closings and other economic shocks have negative ripple effects for communities that extend to mental health, school performance and more. Gassman-Pines explores the ways job loss affects communities in a related op-ed.


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New Research

Early Intervention Curbs Later Violence

With early intervention, aggressive children  committed fewer violent crimes and had fewer psychiatric and substance abuse problems as adults, says new research from Kenneth Dodge and colleagues at three other universities. The findings are based on more than two decades of research at four locations around the country. They are based on results from the Fast Track project, an intensive, multi-faceted intervention for children in first through 10th grades. The research appears online in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

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