Center Director Honored

Dodge Named Distinguished Scientist by Child Mind Institute

Center Director Kenneth A. Dodge has received the 2017 Distinguished Scientist Award from the Child Mind Institute for his outstanding contributions to child mental health research.

Child Mind Institute Founding President Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz said Dodge was recognized for “an enduring career of incredible contributions to science and society and the mentoring of the next generation of scientists.”

“Dr. Dodge’s research on youth violence and child abuse has had a tremendous impact in the scientific community,” he said. “But his efforts to put that knowledge to work, including founding the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke to bridge the gap between child development research and public policy, are equally transformative.”

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Spending Benefits in N.C. Don’t Fade Away

North Carolina’s investment in early child care and education programs resulted in higher test scores, less grade retention and fewer special education placements through fifth grade, research from the Center finds.

The research looked at whether the state’s Smart Start and More at Four programs provided long-lasting benefits for children, or if positive results diminished by the end of elementary school.

The researchers found the programs’ benefits did not fade with time. Instead, the positive effects grew or held steady.

“The impacts of both Smart Start and More at Four on children persist across the entire elementary school period,” said Center Director Kenneth A. Dodge, the study’s lead author.