What Happens When You Give Families a Boost

What would happen if we replaced “a nightmare spiders-web of income support programs with a simple universal safety net?”

In a Salon op-ed, Center Associate Director Jane Costello writes that her research shows that families and children benefit when they are given “free money.”

After a casino opened in western North Carolina, Cherokee Indians began receiving a portion of the profits. Costello has studied the impact of monetary supplements on Cherokee Indian children and found additional income led to fewer behavioral and emotional problems, an effect that continued into adulthood.


Hunt Institute Teaming Up with Duke to Advance Education Policy

The Center for Child and Family Policy welcomes the James B. Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy to Duke University as an affiliate of the Sanford School of Public Policy.

The Center, which is part of the Sanford School, looks forward to closely collaborating with the Hunt Institute on important issues related to improving education policy, including a national conference on best practices for early childhood education.

“This affiliation will enhance our ability to collaborate with the Hunt Institute and further our mission to develop evidence-based policies that benefit children,” said Kenneth A. Dodge, the Center’s director.