Fall 2021

Child Policy Research (cornerstone course)

ChildPol 250S.01/PubPol 242S.01
Megan Golonka
TuTh 12:00 pm-1:15 pm

As we begin the Fall 2021 semester, contemporary children and families are facing unprecedented challenges. This timely course takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining problems facing today’s youth from childhood to adolescence, and their families. Our starting point will be identifying the issues that we, as a class, consider important in the lives of children and families. We will then examine those issues using through theories of 1) risk and resilience, 2) an ecological model for understanding children and families, and 3) evidence-based policy and practice. Emphasis will be placed on the application of theory and research to solve complex societal problems that confront children and families in today’s world. Students will learn to conduct a research literature review and provide persuasive policy recommendations about a problem of their choice.

Guest speakers will introduce students to research and evaluation being conducted by the Center for Child and Family Policy (CCFP) at Duke University and by researchers beyond Durham. Students will engage in discussion with experts to integrate learning across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

This course is required for students working on the Child Policy Research certificate but is open to all undergraduate students.

Special Topics in Child Policy Research: Applied Collaborative Research on Early Childhood

ChildPol 490S
Katie Rosanbalm
Th 3:30pm-4:45pm

This course provides research consultation experience for advanced undergraduate students with past coursework in research methodology and/or early childhood development or policy. As part of an interdisciplinary consulting team, students will partner with an early childhood community organization to answer real-world questions through research and policy analysis. Topics will be proposed by the organization, with students responsible for the approach. Methodology may include literature review and/or collection and analysis of quantitative or qualitative data. Final products will include both written and oral presentation of findings and recommendations tailored to the client.