Class of 2016

Grace Befort, Yemi Adewuyi, Joel Rosch, Kelly Branning, Nick Andrade, 2016 CPR CertificateYemi Adewuyi, public policy major; political science minor; cum laude with distinction, Angier B. Duke Scholar, AJ Fletcher Fellow, Hilliard P. Jenkins Fellow, AERA Undergraduate Fellow, Jacqueline A. Morris Fellow, Pathways Chapel Scholar

Independent Study:  Cultural Responsiveness as a Guiding Principle for Expanding Community  Education (School Research Partnership)

Mentor:  Amy Anderson, instructor, Program in Education

Future Plans: deferring admission at Harvard Law for one year to complete a fellowship at the nonprofit Fletcher Foundation in Raleigh


Nick Andrade, neuroscience major, chemistry minor, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Independent Study:  Best Practices in Web-based Supports for Parents of Children with Learning Differences (School Research Partnership)

Mentor:  Carol Ripple, associate director for education research and engagement, Social Science Research Institute

Future Plans: attending Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Grace Befort, public policy major, education minor

Independent Study:  Best Practices for Promoting Parent Engagement to Support Children’s Academic Outcomes in the East Durham Children’s Initiative (School Research Partnership)

Mentor:  Ann Skinner, research project manager, Center for Child and Family Policy

Future Plans: working in Washington, D.C., as a research analyst at CEB after graduation, with plans to attend business school.


Kelly Branning, public policy major, education minor, Jacqueline A. Morris Fellow

Independent Study:  Trauma Sensitive Schools:  Understanding Trauma and Policy Solutions for Students

Mentor:  Katie Rosanbalm, research scientist, Center for Child and Family Policy

Future Plans: teaching second grade at KIPP Heights Academy in its Capital Teaching Residency program, with future plans in education policy.