Class of 2017

2017 Child Policy Research certificate studentsJennifer Acosta, psychology major; literature – global cultural studies major (graduated with highest distinction); magna cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa; The Jerome S. Brunner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research; Winfred Quinton Holton Prize for Innovative Work in the Field of Education; Jacqueline A. Morris Fellow; teaching assistant Intro to Psychology; research assistant Center for Child and Family Policy

Independent Study:  Examining Sixth Graders’ Developmental Understanding of their Ethnic and Racial Identity

Mentor:  Kamilah Legette, postdoctoral fellow, Research on the Education and Development of Youth

Future Plans:  Bilingual research assistant in the Family Involvement Lab (working with Dr. Natasha Cabrera), College of Education, University of Maryland-College Park, then graduate school in a program that combines education and psychology


Meredith Davin, public policy major (graduated with distinction); cum laude; Jacqueline A. Morris Fellow

Independent Study:  School Gardens as a Tool to Teach Elementary School Curricula

Mentor:  Shane Goodridge, assistant dean of Trinity College

Future Plans:  has tentatively taken a job with the FBI in their Resource Planning Office as a management and program analyst


Sarah Hakani, neuroscience major; education minor

Independent Study:  The effect of feedback accessibility and format on academic performance

Mentor:  Nick Carnes, assistant professor, Sanford School of Public Policy

Future Plans:  graduate school, Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard University


Arielle Kahn, psychology major (graduated with distinction); education minor; magna cum laude; Jacqueline A. Morris Fellow; Alice M. Baldwin Scholar; Winfred Quinton Holton Prize for Innovative Work in the Field of Education

Independent Study:  Reducing the achievement gap: Why are self-affirmation interventions effective?

Mentor:  Amy Anderson, instructor, Program in Education, and Christina Grimes, assistant professor of the practice, Psychology & Neuroscience

Future Plans: applying for positions on The Hill for post-graduation then eventually plans to move to advocacy/non-profit organizations


Samantha Kisare, biology major (graduated with distinction); chemistry minor; James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology

Independent Study:  Investigating the effects of different interventions for children who have experienced trauma

Mentor:  Katie Rosanbalm, research scholar, Center for Child and Family Policy

Future Plans:  clinical research this year and then plans to apply to medical school. In the next 3-5 years she plans to attend medical school to pursue pediatric medicine.