Research Brief

Beyond Parental Wealth: Grandparental Wealth and the Transition to Adulthood

May 7, 2024

Young adulthood encompasses a number of decision points around education, employment, and fertility. To capture this complexity, this study examines how multigenerational wealth is related to four outcomes: college attendance, steady employment, early nonmarital birth, and idleness.

Impact of Monthly Unconditional Cash on Food Security, Spending, and Consumption

April 3, 2024

New data from the Baby’s First Years study provide a look at family food security and how families with low incomes allocate additional funds, including spending on food.

Teachers’ First Classroom Experiences and Persistent Racial Gaps in Schooling

February 8, 2024

New research findings show that teachers’ experiences during their first year in the profession impact how they assess students, particularly Black students, later in their careers.

What We Know About Current Electronic Health Record Tools for the Identification and Management of Child Abuse

November 8, 2023

This research brief summarizes finding from Electronic Health Record Tools to Identify Child Maltreatment: Scoping Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews, which reviewed existing research on EHR-based child abuse screens and clinical decision support systems. The authors also collected the perspectives of medical personnel on the implementation of such tools.

Children Evaluated for Maltreatment Have Higher Subsequent Emergency Department and Inpatient Care Utilization than the General Pediatric Population

March 7, 2023

Receipt of maltreatment evaluation was associated with a higher risk of subsequent acute health service use, both for maltreatment-related illnesses and for broader conditions.

Practitioners in North Carolina’s TANF and Related Income Assistance Programs Offer Perspectives on Latino Families’ Experiences

December 20, 2022

This brief is part of a series to examine state-level policies that relate to social service and safety net programs and the ways in which state and federal policy implementation at the local level may affect the reach of program benefits among Latino families.