Measuring Maternal Beliefs about Infants

Thank you for your interest in maternal attributions (beliefs) about infants. Our research indicates that understanding mothers' attributions about infants - even during pregnancy - can help to forecast important parenting behaviors (read about our research HERE, and read a response to our research and online calculator HERE).

We have developed a brief questionnaire* that measures maternal attributions about infants.

When the questionnaire below is completed, a score between 1 and 5 will automatically be generated. Research-based information on interpreting scores, with links to resources for parents, is also provided.
Thank you again for your interest.

Lisa Berlin, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Social Work
Kenneth Dodge, PhD, Professor and Director, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy
J. Steven Reznick, Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Item Question Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
1 Can babies do things on purpose to be annoying?
2 Can babies hope that certain things will happen (for example, that a particular toy will appear)?
3 Do babies refuse to eat in order to be difficult?
4 Do babies seek praise when they do something clever?
5 Do babies behave well on purpose?
6 Do babies ignore their mothers to be annoying?
7 Can babies recognize when a person is eager to play?
8 Do babies throw things on the floor in order to make a mess?

* IIQ-W; Reznick, J. S., Berlin, L.J., & Dodge, K. A. (2011). Infant Intentionality Questionnaire-Web Version. Durham, NC: Duke University