Week in the Life Study

Project Description

The Week in the Life Study used mobile touchscreen devices to understand how adolescents’ daily experiences affect their mental and physical well-being in everyday life.

Project Goals

In doing so, the study aimed to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the most frequently experienced stressors (negative events) and uplifts (positive events) in adolescents’ daily lives?
  2. What effects do these everyday stressors and uplifts have on adolescents’ behavior, self-regulation, and health?
  3. Can individual differences (such as personality and genetics) help identify which adolescents are more sensitive to their daily experiences than others?

Our hope is that this work will provide new ideas for educators, researchers, and others regarding which everyday experiences have the strongest effects on adolescents’ well-being, and whether adolescents who are typically viewed as “at-risk” may also be the most likely to benefit from intervention and enrichment activities.

Project Results

Week in the Life Flyer