Development and Prevention of Substance Abuse Problems

Project Description

This project aims to discern how early conduct disorder leads to substance-use problems; to understand processes of resilience to substance use development among conduct problem children; and to test the efficacy of a conduct disorder prevention program in preventing substance use problems in young adulthood.

Project Aims

  1. To describe comorbidity, growth, and cross-temporal relations among violence, substance-use problems, and risky sexual behavior across development.
  2. To test a developmental dynamic cascade model that posits that child genetic and early life experience factors interact to produce later antisocial outcomes as mediated through acquired social information-processing patterns.
  3. To test the efficacy of the Fast Track intervention to prevent violence, substance-use problems, and risky sexual behavior in young adulthood.

Project Findings

A Dynamic Cascade Model of the Development of Substance-Use Onset

How Does the Fast Track Intervention Prevent Adverse Outcomes in Young Adulthood?