The Impact of State EITC Policy and Practices on Participation Rates of Hispanic Families

Project Description

This study is a collaboration between Dr. Gennetian and co-PI Dana Thomson from Child Trends and aims to advance the understanding of how Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) policies and practices may vary by race/ethnicity and differentially affect use among eligible Hispanic families with young children.

Project Goals

The study will examine (1) what individual and family factors are associated with the use of the federal EITC program among eligible Hispanic families with young children; (2) how state-level EITC policies and practices vary across dimensions that may be particularly salient for Hispanic families with young children; and (3) how state-level variation in policies and practices influence the use of EITC by low-income eligible Hispanics as compared with other racial/ethnic groups, thereby potentially contributing to racial/ethnic disparities in EITC use.

Project Findings

State Policy and Practice Related to Earned Income Tax Credits May Affect Receipt among Hispanic Families with Children