Macomb Intermediate School District Kindergarten Home Visit Project

Project Description

Amy Schulting has partnered with Macomb County Intermediate School District (MISD) in Michigan to implement and evaluate teacher home visiting as a kindergarten transition practice. MISD kindergarten teachers will be trained by Dr. Schulting to conduct a 30-minute home visit for each of their students at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. Teachers also will participate in a fall session to share best practices and a mid-year feedback session with Dr. Schulting. Teacher, parent and administrator feedback, and student outcome data will be collected and analyzed by the Duke research team to determine levels of participant satisfaction and student achievement.

Project Goals

The goals of this program are as follows: 1) to pilot the implementation of universal teacher home visiting in MISD kindergarten classrooms; 2) to improve home-school relationships and collaboration to support students’ successful transition to kindergarten; 3) to obtain parent, teacher and administrator feedback about their participation in the program; and 3) to evaluate the impact of teacher home visiting on student outcomes.

Project Findings

Payoffs Seen in Smooth Transition to Kindergarten