Evaluation of the Larry King Center

Project Description

Evaluate the work and activities of the Larry King Center in Charlotte, NC.

Additional evaluation of the Larry King Center.

Project Goals

The evaluation of the activities of the Larry King Center involved four components:

  1. Survey with participants of the School Readiness Action Planning Process that occurred in 2011. The goal of this survey was to assess what activities have occurred since the planning process and what factors have prevented or facilitated actions.
  2. Survey organizations about their use of technical assistance provided by the Larry King Center. Because agencies that use technical assistance from the Larry King Center may be included as survey respondents in other aspects of this evaluation, care will be taken to minimize respondent burden. In particular, this survey may be a standalone survey for some individuals but be a module of a longer survey for other respondents.
  3. Telephone interviews with 7-15 key members of the Board of Trustees, the funders, and the Advisory council. The goal of these interviews was to obtain these individual’s perspectives and reflections of the progress that the Larry King Center has made since it started and how it should progress in the future.
  4. Draft a manuscript for submission to the NHSA Dialog: A research to practice journal or another peer review journal. We used the results of the 2011 school readiness survey and the follow-up survey to draft a manuscript for submission.

Project Findings

Larry King Center Evaluation