DCCS Program: ESL and Classroom Teachers Working Together with Students and Families

Project Description

This study tests a new teacher professional development program, Developing Consultation and Collaboration Skills (DCCS), for increasing the language and literacy skills of young Latino English learners. The DCCS model has three key components that coaches work with classroom and English as a Second Lanuage (ESL) teachers on:

  1. Collaboration between the ESL teacher and classroom teachers
  2. High-impact instructional strategies for working with English Leaners
  3. Cultural wealth in the classroom.

Project Goals

The purpose of this randomized control trial is to test the efficacy of the Developing Consultation and Collaboration Skills (DCCS) professional development program for improving teacher and student outcomes.

Teacher outcomes of interest include:

  • Collaboration between the ESL and classroom teachers
  • Implementation of high-impact instructional strategies
  • Incorporation of the students’ cultural wealth into the classroom

Student outcomes of interest include:

  • Foundational literacy skills
  • Language and writing skills
  • Comprehension for literature and informational texts
  • Vocabulary use and functions, and
  • Academic engagement

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