Causes, Consequences, and Prevention of Child Maltreatment

Project Description

Research Triangle scientists with demonstrated expertise in the pressing public health problem of child maltreatment planned to develop a multidisciplinary, product-oriented scholarly work group to address the causes, consequences, and prevention of child maltreatment.

Project Goals

The specific activities included:

  • convening regular meetings to share research findings and to identify specific topics for collaborative work;
  • developing collaborative research projects and grant applications that use secondary analysis of rich datasets available at each participating institution (e.g., NSCAW at Research Triangle Institute, the Durham Family Initiative at Duke, LONGSCAN at UNC-Chapel Hill);
  • building on evaluations of ongoing child maltreatment prevention and intervention programs at the participating institutions (e.g., the Period of Purple Crying at UNC, the Durham Family Initiative at Duke);
  • initiating new research and
  • convening three grant proposal development meetings so that one or two proposal writing teams have dedicated time together to develop grant applications.

Project Results

Maternal Beliefs Calculator

Preventing Early Child Maltreatment: Implications from a Longitudinal Study of Maternal Abuse History, Substance Use Problems, and Offspring Victimization