Baby’s First Years Study

Project Description

Baby’s First Years is a pathbreaking study of the causal impact of monthly, unconditional cash gifts to low-income mothers and their children in the first three years of the child’s life. The cash gifts are funded through charitable foundations. The study will identify whether reducing poverty can affect early childhood development and the family processes that support children’s development.

Dr. Gennetian is one of six PIs on this unique multi-disciplinary study directing the social science targeted data collection and analysis that includes aspects of economic distress, employment, early care and education and well-being of the children’s families, facilitating partnerships with stakeholders in each of the four study sites and facilitated communication, dissemination and fundraising.

Project Goals

The study is designed to produce strong and clear evidence about the magnitude and pathways of causal connections between family income and early childhood development. Beyond its core contributions to science, the study will provide important evidence about the likely effects of tax and income-enhancement policies for young children, such as the Child and Earned Income Tax Credits, and related social policies designed to enhance family economic stability and well-being.

Project Findings

Food Security, Spending and Consumption
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