Evaluation of the East Durham Children’s Initiative

The East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) is a place-based, nonprofit organization that supports children and families from cradle to college or career. EDCI focuses its efforts in a 120-block area of East Durham referred to as the EDCI Zone. Many children and youth in this area experience significant challenges that impede their ability to succeed at school and beyond. They also have great potential to excel, given the right supports.

Established in 2010, EDCI’s vision is that all children in the EDCI Zone graduate from high school ready for college or career. To achieve this vision, EDCI provides children and families with a continuum of comprehensive and high-quality supports, extending from before birth and through high school graduation.

Through funding from multiple foundations, the Center has conducted an annual evaluation of EDCI since 2011. The Center’s researchers are laying the foundation for a rigorous longitudinal evaluation of long-term impact of EDCI services on child wellbeing, education and community-level outcomes. In the interim, the goal of the Center’s evaluation is to assess if EDCI core programs are implemented as planned and achieve their intended results.