Effects of Classroom Management Training on Early Learning Skills (Incredible Years for Teachers)

Principal Investigator Desiree W. Murray, co-Investigator David Rabiner, and research staff investigated whether the Incredible Years Teacher Program (IYT) had an impact on K-2 students’ attention, social-emotional functioning, and academic achievement. The Incredible Years Training Series, developed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, is a multi-component evidence-based intervention for young children including parent training, teacher training, and child training. This study, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, provided data regarding academic outcomes for elementary-aged students when IYT is implemented as an independent intervention, which had not previously been examined.

Using a randomized controlled trial design, Murray examined change in teacher practices and student functioning from the fall to spring of the school year in three cohorts of students. Recruitment of K-2 teachers at the grade level was successful, with almost 100 teachers in 11 schools across Orange, Franklin, and Alamance county school participating. Parent consent was also very good overall, in the 75%-80% range, for a total of approximately 1200 students. Outcome measures included the CLASS, a standardized classroom observation measure that assesses teacher-student interactions and classroom management skills, teacher ratings of student attention, behavior, and social competence, and computerized assessment of students’ academic achievement on the STAR.

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