Timothy J. Strauman

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy

Tim Strauman is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University. His work focuses on psychological processes of self-regulation, conceptualized in terms of a cognitive/motivational perspective, as well as the relation between self-regulation and affect.

Strauman's clinical interests follow from his program of research. Specifically, he is interested in learning how psychotherapy remediates disorders such as depression and whether psychotherapy is effective at reducing risk for relapse and recurrence of emotional disorders. His lab's clinically-focused research includes the development of a new self-regulation-based therapy for depression and the use of neuroimaging techniques to examine the mechanisms of action of treatments for depression.

Research Interests:

  • Children's Mental Health


  • Ph.D. New York University - 1987
  • M.A. The University of Chicago - 1979
  • B.A. Duquesne University - 1978

Recent Publications (More Publications)

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  • Eddington, KM; Dolcos, F; Cabeza, R; R Krishnan, KR; Strauman, TJ (2007) Neural correlates of promotion and prevention goal activation: an fMRI study using an idiographic approach. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 19, 1152-1162, [17583991], [doi], [abs]
  • Strauman, TJ; Vieth, AZ; Merrill, KA; Kolden, GG; Woods, TE; Klein, MH; Papadakis, AA; Schneider, KL; Kwapil, L (2006) Self-system therapy as an intervention for self-regulatory dysfunction in depression: a randomized comparison with cognitive therapy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, 367-376, [16649881], [doi], [abs]
  • Manian, N; Papadakis, A; Strauman, TJ; Essex, M (2006) The development of children’s ideal and ought standards: The influence of parenting, maternal temperament, and child temperament Journal of Personality, 74, 1619-1645, [17083660], [doi], [abs]
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  • Strauman, TJ; Woods, TE; Schneider, KL; Kwapil, L; Coe, CL (2004) Self-regulatory cognition and immune reactivity: idiographic success and failure feedback effects on the natural killer cell. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 18, 544-554, [15331125], [doi], [abs]
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