Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom

Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy

Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom is a professor of pharmacology and cancer biology at Duke University Medical Center and founder and director of the Duke Center for Science Education.

As director of RISE at Duke (Raising Interest in Science Education,, Schwartz-Bloom develops and provides novel science education curricular materials to the K-12 and college community. She developed the Pharmacology Education Partnership (, which presents a series of pharmacology- and drug abuse-related science education modules for high school biology and chemistry students. Testing of over 15,000 high school students revealed that student performance in biology and chemistry improved when students used the pharmacology curriculum developed by her team.

With funds provided by the Duke Provost in 2007, Schwartz-Bloom established Duke Center for Science Education. She coordinates Duke faculty and student interests in curriculum development, research, and outreach activities in science education for K-16 students. In 2009, Schwartz-Bloom won the award from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for Exemplary Contributions to Science Education.

Research Interests:

  • Education
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse


  • Ph.D. Georgetown University - 1983

Recent Publications (More Publications)

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