Clara G. Muschkin

Associate Research Professor of Public Policy; Director, Child Policy Research Certificate Program; and Faculty Director, North Carolina Education Research Data Center

Clara Muschkin is an associate research professor of public policy at Duke University. She directs the Child Policy Research Certificate Program and is the faculty director of the North Carolina Education Research Data Center, both at the Center for Child and Family Policy.

Muschkin is a sociologist and demographer with an interdisciplinary research focus. In her research, she asks how education policies that influence the composition and organization of educational institutions can influence student behavior and academic performance. Her current research interests include: the impact of early childhood education policies on subsequent student outcomes; the impact of grade configuration on student behavior; the influence of grade retention and age on behavior and academic performance; impact of school composition by race and immigrant status on student behavior and achievement across grade levels; evaluation of high school reform policies; and successful outcomes for community college students.

Research Interests:

  • Education
  • Public Policy
  • Early Childhood
  • Peer Influence
  • Poverty and Inequality


  • Ph.D. Duke University - 1989
  • A.B. College of William and Mary - 1977

Recent Publications (More Publications)

  • Muschkin, CG; Ladd, HF; Dodge, KA; Bai, Y (2020) Gender Differences in the Impact of North Carolina’s Early Care and Education Initiatives on Student Outcomes in Elementary School Educational Policy, 34, 377-407, [doi], [abs]
  • Dodge, KA; Bai, Y; Ladd, HF; Muschkin, CG (2017) Impact of North Carolina's Early Childhood Programs and Policies on Educational Outcomes in Elementary School. Child Development, 88, 996-1014, [doi], [abs]
  • Muschkin, CG; Ladd, HF; Dodge, KA (2015) Impact of North Carolina’s Early Childhood Initiatives on Special Education Placements in Third Grade Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 37, 478-500, [doi], [abs]
  • Clotfelter, CT; Ladd, HF; Muschkin, C; Vigdor, JL (2015) Developmental education in North Carolina community colleges Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 37, 354-375, [doi], [abs]
  • Ladd, HF; Muschkin, CG; Dodge, KA (2014) From birth to school: Early childhood initiatives and third-grade outcomes in North Carolina Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 33, 162-187, [doi], [abs]