Gavan J. Fitzsimons

F.M. Kirby Research Fellow and Professor of Marketing and Psychology; Faculty Fellow, Center for Child and Family Policy

Gavan Fitzsimon's research interests fall broadly in the domain of understanding the psychology of consumers. He is particularly interested in how consumers may be influenced by marketers and marketing researchers without their conscious knowledge or awareness, often without any intent on the part of the marketing researcher.

The traditional view of marketing and marketing research is that the former seeks to persuade the consumer to choose or behave in a certain way, and the latter seeks to assess consumer opinions and attitudes. In each case, little attention has focused on unintended effects of marketing or marketing research. Further, traditional views of consumer behavior have assumed that consumers are largely deliberative, conscious, thinking machines. Fitzsimon's research combines examinations of unintended effects of marketing actions with an assertion that much consumer decision-making occurs outside conscious awareness.

Research Interests:

  • Children and Marketing


  • Ph.D. Columbia University - 1995
  • M.B.A. Marketing and Finance The Ivey School, The University of Western Ontario - 2005
  • M.Phil. Columbia University - 1994
  • M.B.A. University of Western Ontario (Canada) - 1991
  • B.S. University of Western Ontario (Canada) - 1988
  • BS Chemistry The University of Western Ontario - 1988

Recent Publications (More Publications)

  • Wu, EC; Moore, SG; Fitzsimons, GJ (2020) Erratum: Wine for the table: Self-construal, group size, and choice for self and others (Journal of Consumer Research DOI: 10.1093/jcr/ucy082) Journal of Consumer Research, 46, 1125, [doi], [abs]
  • Wu, EC; Moore, SG; Fitzsimons, GJ (2019) Wine for the Table: Self-Construal, Group Size, and Choice for Self and Others Journal of Consumer Research, 46, 508-527, [doi], [abs]
  • Liu, PJ; Dallas, SK; Fitzsimons, GJ; Price, LL; Reczek, RW (2019) A Framework for Understanding Consumer Choices for Others Journal of Consumer Research, 46, 407-434, [doi], [abs]
  • Liu, PJ; Haws, KL; Scherr, K; Redden, JP; Bettman, JR; Fitzsimons, GJ (2019) The primacy of “what” over “how much”: How type and quantity shape healthiness perceptions of food portions Management Science, 65, 3353-3381, [doi], [abs]
  • Gaustad, T; Samuelsen, BM; Warlop, L; Fitzsimons, GJ (2019) Too much of a good thing? Consumer response to strategic changes in brand image International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36, 264-280, [doi], [abs]