Cynthia E. Kuhn

Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy

Cynthia Kuhn is a professor of pharmacology and cancer biology and psychiatry and behavioral sciences. The primary focus of her work is to understand the biologic factors that increase sensitivity to drug abuse and depression in vulnerable populations. Specifically, she is interested in mechanisms responsible for the developmental and sex differences in monoamine neurotransmitter systems. One important current focus is studying the neural mechanisms that mediate sex differences in behavioral responses to addictive drugs. The second is understanding the neural and endocrine changes during adolescence that influence sensitivity to drugs of abuse at this critical developmental stage.

Her work at the Center includes the project A Neuroscience-based Health Curriculum to Promote Academic Success.

Research Interests:

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse


  • Ph.D. Duke University - 1976

Recent Publications (More Publications)

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