Carolyn Y. Barnes

Assistant Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy, and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy


  • Ph.D. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - 2014
  • B.A. Virginia Polytech Institute and State University - 2008

Recent Publications (More Publications)

  • Goss, KA; Barnes, C; Rose, D (2019) Bringing Organizations Back In: Multilevel Feedback Effects on Individual Civic Inclusion
  • Barnes, C; Nolan, S (2019) Professionals, friends, and confidants: After-school staff as social support to low-income parents
  • Chauvenet, C; De Marco, M; Barnes, C; Ammerman, AS (2019) WIC Recipients in the Retail Environment: A Qualitative Study Assessing Customer Experience and Satisfaction
  • Barnes, CY; Henly, JR (2018) "They are underpaid and understaffed": How clients interpret encounters with street-level bureaucrats
  • Barnes, CY; Hope, EC (2017) Means-Tested Public Assistance Programs and Adolescent Political Socialization.