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List of Files and Variables

Files and Variables:

Data Summaries
NCERDC Summary of Data Files that are available.

Variable List Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet contains workbooks of variables from primary student achievement files.


Technical Reports: 

Linking Teachers in the ABC Data to Teachers in the School Activity Report – December 19, 2012
This report is an update to same report dated April 28, 2003.

Linking Teachers in the ABC Data to Teachers in the School Activity Report – April 28, 2003
This report documents the methods the NCERDC employed to link the instructors in the ABC test scores to the personnel file in the SAR.  With the method described, the NCERDC obtained (approximately) a 95% matching rate.

Procedures and limitations for linking teachers and students using the School Activity Report (SAR) – February 12, 2009
Data collected by schools do not provide a direct link between teacher and student. The SAR is sometimes used as a proxy for classroom roster data. This approach has been explored as a means of linking individual teachers to students in classrooms, since classroom roster data are not available to date. Researchers should be aware of significant limitations and caveats to this approach.

Creating a Longitudinal Student Database  – May 20, 2003
A longitudinal student database permits innovative analyses of issues children face as they progress through school.  Such a database allows defining cohorts of students and studying their educational careers. With this approach, one can evaluate the impact of educational transitions, such as changing schools, and that of new educational policies on student achievement.

Student Offenses Database (2005-06 and 2006-07) – June 17, 2008
This technical report serves as an update to “Student Offenses Database” which covers the years 2001 through 2004. This document details the significant changes in the data and describes the procedure for and success of matching these records to students’ academic records.

Student Offenses Database (2000-01 through 2003-04) – November 14, 2005
In 2000-01, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction required schools to report individual student offenses every time a legally-reportable offense, suspension, referral, or an expulsion occurred during the school year.  Each year NCDPI did not require that less serious events, such as those resulting in detentions or loss of privileges, be reported.

Creating Public Use Student Data Files – June 27, 2005
This report documents the methods the NCERDC employed to link records for students across all ABC test score data beginning with data from the 2003-2004 academic year. The matching procedure for earlier years is documented in “Creating a Longitudinal Student Database”, which also provides more detailed information on cohort definition and match rates.

Linking Teachers in the Course Membership Data to Teachers in the School Activity Report – February 12, 2009
This report documents the methods the NCERDC employed to link the instructors in the course membership (CM) data to the personnel file in the data to the SAR. Using the method described, the NCERDC obtained (approximately) an 80% matching rate.

Geocoding Addresses and Assigning MastIDs – June 17, 2019
This report documents the methods the NCERDC employed to geocode the student addresses from the Transportation Information Management System (TIMS) databases and assign a MastID so researchers could match student addresses to their ABC End of Grade and End of Course test results and other datasets in the NCERDC library.