Program helps mothers with newborns

August 9, 2008 Durham Conects provides new mommies with resources they need for their newborn babies. read more »

New Program Strengthens Durham’s Future through Newborn Home Visiting by Community Health Nurses

August 8, 2008 Durham Connects, which launched Aug. 8, will provide free in-home nurse visits to all parents of newborns in Durham County. The program is a partnership between the Durham County Health Department and the Durham Family Initiative. read more »

Parents get a hand with health

August 8, 2008 Durham Connects connects parents with resources that will help them raise happier, healthier babies.

New program provides free in-home nurse visits

August 1, 2008 Durham Connects bridges the gap between new parent needs and community resources. read more »

Hand Over the Role of CEO

August 1, 2008 Cathy Downs interviewed Lisa Berlin for this article that examines how parents can stop micromanaging and start empowering their children. read more »

Partnership for Hispanic Family Learning

July 21, 2008 Adam Chavarria highlights the work of America's Promise Alliance, which is one of the White House Initiative's newest partners. America's Promise Alliance selected the Center for Child and Family Policy to evaluate Phase I of its five-year effort. read more »

Violent crime in NC

June 25, 2008 Joel Rosch spoke with host Frank Stasio regarding violent crime in North Carolina. Other guests: N.C. State sociologist Patricia McCall and Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Lang Listen now »

Effort to end child abuse may be working

May 18, 2008 Communitywide effort to reduce child abuse in Durham County includes Durham Family Initiative and Healthy Families Durham. View article »

Durham drug report may serve as template for others

May 2, 2008 Durham County substance abuse report produced by the Center to be template for surveys in other North Carolina communities. View article »

Sociologist Sara McLanahan to Discuss Fragile Families

April 22, 2008 Sociologist Sara McLanahan, who leads studies that look at the capabilities of unmarried parents and the fortunes of their children, will give a talk at Duke University on Tuesday, April 22.