Children Welcome ‘Grandparents’ into Their World

September 13, 2008 The GrandParent Network, a year-old initiative funded by The Duke Endowment, pairs volunteers 50 and older with parents in Durham who need help with everything from babysitting to tips on effective discipline.

Editorial: Top Dollars, Top Teachers

September 10, 2008 North Carolina should stop paying teachers based on the degrees they have, and start paying them based on performance. read more »

Top Pay, Top Teachers?

September 10, 2008 North Carolina isn't getting the best results from the way it rewards teachers, Jacob Vigdor, associate professor of public policy studies and economics, writes read more »

New Program Brings Nurses to Newborns

September 9, 2008 Durham Connects provides free nurse visits to Durham residents taking home a newborn. read more »

Study Eyes Teacher Pay Difference

September 3, 2008 Should North Carolina focus more on raising pay for new teachers instead of veterans? Duke University professor Jacob Vigdor thinks so. read more »

Rethinking Teachers’ Pay

September 2, 2008 Duke economist Jacob Vigdor suggests a new plan for compensating teachers that rewards the beginners, not the veterans. Listen now »

Education Researcher Calls for Reforming Teacher Pay

September 2, 2008 Center Faculty Affiliate Jacob Vigdor argues that education research, including his own work with Center Faculty Affiliates Charles Clotfelter and Helen Ladd, points to a better way to structure teacher compensation. read more »

Duke study: Boost starter teacher pay

September 2, 2008 N.C. public school teachers can look forward to bigger salaries as they get more experience and seek advanced degrees and teaching certification. But a new study from a Duke University economist says these credentials are "valueless." read more »

7 Ways to Learn More without More Study

September 2, 2008 Wilkie "Bill" Wilson, a Center Faculty Affiliate, received funding for the DukeLEARN project through Duke's Transdisciplinary Prevention Research Center, housed at the Center. read more »

Center Announces 2008-2009 Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture Series

August 26, 2008 Four social science experts -- economist Rebecca Blank, developmental psychologist Ron Haskins, sociologist Kathryn Edin and developmental and community psychologist Hirokazu Yoshikawa -- are scheduled for the 2008-2009 Sulzberger Series. read more »