Playground Politics

August 1, 2005 Kenneth A. Dodge, Ph.D., professor of public policy and psychology at Duke University and director of the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, paints a verbal picture of a normal day during recess at grammar school

Behind the Surge in Girl Crime

September 15, 2004 The headlines pull no punches: "Girls getting increasingly violent,""Violent crime by girls rising," "Girls not all sugar and spice." ... Read more »

Examining and Shielding Current Events

May 17, 2004 Without a lot of discussion about the atrocities [children] see through the media, Kenneth Dodge said, children can develop a "very simple-minded sense of morality, where everything you do is okay as long as you get away with it." Read more »

Baboons Give Peace a Chance

May 7, 2004 Kenneth Dodge, a clinical psychologist at Duke who studies aggression in children, sees in new research hope for changing human cultures. Read more »