A Push to Focus on Worst Cases in Child Abuse

January 26, 2006 After a 7-year-old's death, New York debates whether to adopt a 'dual track' approach, which has support in other states Read more »

Scholars Cite Privacy Law as Obstacle: Protections for Students Impeding Researchers

January 18, 2006 "If the study will improve the lives of students and teachers, that research is allowed," said Elizabeth J. Glennie, the director of the center, located on Duke's campus in Durham, N.C. Read more »

Playground Politics

August 1, 2005 Kenneth A. Dodge, Ph.D., professor of public policy and psychology at Duke University and director of the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, paints a verbal picture of a normal day during recess at grammar school

Behind the Surge in Girl Crime

September 15, 2004 The headlines pull no punches: "Girls getting increasingly violent,""Violent crime by girls rising," "Girls not all sugar and spice." ... Read more »

Examining and Shielding Current Events

May 17, 2004 Without a lot of discussion about the atrocities [children] see through the media, Kenneth Dodge said, children can develop a "very simple-minded sense of morality, where everything you do is okay as long as you get away with it." Read more »

Baboons Give Peace a Chance

May 7, 2004 Kenneth Dodge, a clinical psychologist at Duke who studies aggression in children, sees in new research hope for changing human cultures. Read more »