Early Exposure to Drugs, Alcohol Creates Lifetime of Health Risk

October 16, 2008 People who began drinking and using marijuana regularly prior to their 15th birthday face a higher risk of early pregnancy and a pattern of school failure, substance dependence, STD diagnosis and criminal convictions that lasts into their 30s.

Wealth of Resources Available

October 15, 2008 For researchers, the right source of data is like a gold mine. Social science researchers at Duke have a new mining resource in the SSRI Data Services Core (DSC). The article also features the North Carolina Education Research Data Center (NCERDC). read more »

Scrap the Sacrosanct Salary Schedule

October 15, 2008 Center Faculty Affiliate Jacob Vigdor wrote this essay on reforming the teacher salary schedule. read more »

DukeLEARN Backs Grandma

October 9, 2008 Wilkie "Bill" Wilson, a Center Faculty Affiliate, received funding for the DukeLEARN project through Duke's Transdisciplinary Prevention Research Center, housed at the Center. read more »

Becoming a Bully Magnet: Why some kids grow up to be targets

October 7, 2008 "Every parent wants to know the secret to school happiness: why is one kid well liked while another gets picked on?" Read Claudia Kalb's article highlighting a new study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. read more »

Study Reveals Drug, Alcohol Risks for N.C. Youth

October 3, 2008 Three out of 10 high school students in North Carolina say they have been offered, sold or given an illegal drug by someone on school property. Seventy-five percent of state youth ages 14 to 18 have tried alcohol, and that number is on the rise. Read more » View article »

Truancy Triage Moving Forward

October 2, 2008 Triage center will keep kids connected with school, provide interventions. The Center for Child and Family Policy is evaluating the program. read more »

Truancy Details Coming Together – Center would be housed at Hillside or Southern

September 29, 2008 Officials appear to have hammered out the broad strokes of a deal that will allow a new anti-truancy effort to set up shop at either Southern High School or Hillside High School. The Center for Child and Family Policy will evaluate this program. read more »

Social Services gets $7 million grant

September 26, 2008 The Alamance County Department of Social Services has snagged a $7 million federal grant to help young children and their families. read more »

Actor Denzel Washington quotes Center statistics on youth violence

September 18, 2008 In a commentary exclusive to CNN, Washington urged Americans to focus on what he sees as the nation's biggest crisis: children in need. CNN »