Can Extracurricular Activities Solve the Self-segregation Problem?

September 9, 2009 Research by Professor of Public Policy Charles Clotfelter shows that schools can't rely on extracurricular activities to solve the problem of self-segregation among students. In Newsweek. View Article »

The Breathalyzer Behind the Wheel

August 30, 2009 Senior Associate Dean Phil Cook and Maeve Gearing, PhD candidate at the Sanford School, propose that the ignition interlock could be an effective way to prevent drunk-driving recidivism. Op-ed in the New York Times. View Op-Ed »

Terrie Moffitt Wins Klaus Grawe Award

August 6, 2009 Center faculty member Terrie Moffitt was awarded the Klaus Grawe Award for the Advancement of Innovative Research in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. more »

Team studies links between testing and success in early adults

August 6, 2009 A team of Sanford School faculty members will examine whether children's standardized test results can predict outcomes for young adults. more »

‘In young students’ minds computers are toys, not tools’

July 27, 2009 Jake Vigdor is featured in The Australian, "In young students' minds computers are toys, not tools". A researcher posits that when students gained access to computers at home, their reading and maths test scores declined. view article »

For Difficult Kids, Choice Of Care Can Bring Rewards

July 22, 2009 Center Director Ken Dodge discusses child temperament and child-care choices in a Wall Street Journal article View article »

MRS and System of Care: Policy reforms designed to improve the child welfare system

June 6, 2009 Nicole Lawrence, Center research coordinator, and Elizabeth Snyder, Center research scientist, have written "Multiple Response System and System of Care: Two policy reforms designed to improve the child welfare system". See policy brief »

Nature vs. Nurture Gene-Environment Conference

May 1, 2009 Center conference "Gene-Environment Interactions in Developmental Psychopathology: So What?" looks at the implications of recent findings for science, clinical practice and public policy. Keynote speaker is Professor Sir Michael Rutter. View article »

Kuhfeld’s Senior Thesis on Starting class later

April 21, 2009 Megan Kuhfeld, one of the Center's Morris Fellows, presented her senior thesis poster during Visible Thinking, the annual undergraduate research forum. View feature » Read more »

Beth Gifford’s Web Site Tracks Adolescent Substance Abuse Across NC

April 20, 2009 Reporter Neil Offen wrote this article about Center Research Scientist Elizabeth Gifford's new Web site that helps people better understand the nature substance abuse problems in every county in North Carolina and track trends over time.