Tim Strauman Receives Grant

October 21, 2009 Strauman, a CCFP Faculty Member, received an award from Columbia University for a project entitled "Approach/Avoidance Orientations and Operations." Total funding will be $75,000 over 9 months.

Lisa Berlin discusses statistical analysis in spanking research

October 20, 2009 Research Scientist Lisa Berlin, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, discusses the statistical analysis used in spanking studies. view article »

Policy Brief Featured in National Newsletter

September 30, 2009 Multiple Response System and System of Care: Two policy reforms designed to improve the child welfare system, written by Nicole Lawrence and Elizabeth Snyder, is featured on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Children's Bureau Express. View Newsletter »

Tutoring by Parents May Lower Grades, study says

September 30, 2009 Research by Associate Professor of Psychology Nancy Hill shows that tutoring by parents is less effective for children than intended. View Article »

Rick Hoyle Receives NIH Grant

September 21, 2009 Associate Director Rick Hoyle has received an award from the National Institutes of Health, for a project entitled “Brain Imaging the Effects of High Sensation Value Anti-Drug PSAs.” Total funding will be $722,211 for two years.

Elizabeth Ananat Receives NIH Grant

September 21, 2009 Faculty Member Elizabeth Ananat has received an award from the National Institutes of Health for a project entitled “Impact of Early Access to Oral Contraception on the Wellbeing of Women & Children.” Total funding will be $76,992 for two years.

In Study of Low-Income Toddlers, Spanking Found To Have Negative Effects

September 15, 2009 A new longitudinal study that looks at how low-income parents discipline their young children has found that spanking 1-year-olds leads to more aggressive behaviors and less sophisticated cognitive development in the next two years. CNN » Duke Today »

Parental Physical Discipline Through Childhood Linked to Behavior Problems in Teens

September 15, 2009 Two new studies explore how discipline changes during childhood and adolescence and conclude that when parents use physical discipline through childhood, their children experience more behavior problems in adolescence. US News » Science Daily »

Clara Muschkin Appointed Center’s Director of Undergraduate Education

September 15, 2009 Clara Muschkin, Assistant Research Professor of Public Policy, will oversee the Center's undergraduate education activities, including the Jacqueline Ann Morris Fellowship Program, the DukeEngage program in South Africa, internships and more.

2009-10 Sulzberger/ Levitan Fellows Announced

September 9, 2009 The Center awards graduate research fellowships to encourage the career development of five promising doctoral students who are interested in an academic career that blends social science with public policy.