Odgers Awarded Fellowship

Candice OdgersOdgers Awarded Fellowship in Child, Brain Development

June 28, 2016 — Candice Odgers, the senior associate director of the Center for Child and Family Policy, has been appointed a fellow of the Child & Brain Development program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

CIFAR is a nonprofit institute that brings together interdisciplinary research teams of scientists and scholars from around the world to address complex problems and transform their fields of study.

The 22 researchers with the Child & Brain Development program work to move beyond the “nature vs. nurture” debate. They look at how adversity and enrichment in early childhood affect mental, physical and emotional health over a lifetime and what strategies can mitigate or reverse early adversity.

The team will meet three times a year to push each other to look at issues and challenges from new perspectives and to identify opportunities for collaboration. The appointment comes with an annual award of $25,000 for research support.