May 30, 2024

Marcos Rangel Named Scientific Director of North Carolina Education Research Data Center

Marcos Rangel has been appointed scientific director of the North Carolina Education Research Data Center (NCERDC), housed in the Center.

The NCERDC was created in 2001 through a partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to store and manage data on the state’s public schools, school districts, students, and teachers. The data, which include information dating back to the late-1990s, are available to university researchers, nonprofit research institutions, and government agencies.

In this newly established role, Rangel will develop a broader scientific agenda for the NCERDC and update the data center’s infrastructure to catalyze future research and policy drawing on the data center’s resources.

“The NCERDC is a treasure trove of data that has led to groundbreaking research discoveries and research-based education policy recommendations,” says Jennifer Lansford, director of the Center for Child and Family Policy. “We are thrilled to have Marcos at the scientific helm as we innovate to bring the data center to a new level of impact.”