Patterns of Young Adult Substance Use and Psychosocial Adjustment During COVID-19 in Eight Countries

Featuring Ann Skinner and Jennifer Godwin, research scientists at the Center for Child and Family Policy.

Abstract: Using eight waves of longitudinal data from young adults (n=936) during the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020-December 2022) from eight countries in the Parenting Across Cultures study, we have run initial LGCA models across all countries.  Initial results point to a three-class model of patterns of internalizing symptoms, externalizing symptoms, and substance use. We would like to present our initial results and discuss ideas for documenting these patterns across time, especially after we separate them out by country. We plan to model these results to see if the class membership varies by country, by the extent of COVID restrictions in place at that country at the time, and/or by pre-pandemic levels of adjustment and substance use.