School Research Partnership

The School Research Partnership (SRP) strives to serve as a portal to assist Duke researchers in getting their studies placed in area schools. This function streamlines processes to maximize the benefits of the research conducted for school districts, schools, students, and Duke researchers. Researchers include faculty and students from Duke University, Duke University Medical Center, and other organizations collaborating with Duke on specific research projects.

Services of SRP include:

  • Facilitate the planning and placement of school-based research projects.
  • Promote research collaborations between school districts, schools, other education-focused organizations and Duke researchers.
  • Disseminate research findings online and via written and verbal research presentations.

Services for Duke researchers:

The Duke School Research Partnership (SRP) assists faculty and student researchers with submitting applications to conduct research in schools. SRP:

  • Developed the School Research Partnership Manual about the approval processes for Durham, districts that border Durham, and the Wake County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg systems. The guide also provides a brief overview of each of these districts.
  • Provides assistance with navigating the process for obtaining approval to conduct research in school districts and schools.
  • Is available to review research applications and feedback about issues that may be of concern to school and districts.

Special note about conducting research in Durham Public Schools (DPS): DPS has requested that School Research Partnership representatives review proposals before submission to the DPS Office of Research and Accountability. In 2015, DPS revised its process for submission and review of research proposals. In preparing a proposal for DPS, applicants should consult with the district’s guiding principles and research requirements. The principles, research application, submission dates, and other information are available on the DPS website.

Services for school districts and educators:

  • Identify experts among Duke faculty and researchers to provide consultation to schools and school districts, upon request.
  • Provide student consultants to conduct research projects useful to districts and educators.
  • Disseminate research findings via print and online publications.

The Duke School Research Partnership is a joint effort of Duke’s Office of the Provost and the Center for Child and Family Policy.