Research & Policy Briefs

Research & Policy Briefs

July 2021
Behind the Findings: Policies Behind Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Net Worth Poverty
Author: Alana Agron, Christina Gibson-Davis, Lisa Gennetian, Lisa Keister

May 2021
Improving Access to Critical Nutrition Assistance Programs
Author: Carolyn Barnes

April 2021
Impacts of Heightened Immigration Enforcement on U.S. Citizens’ Birth Outcomes
Authors: Alana Agron, Romina Tome, Marcos Rangel, Christina Gibson-Davis, Laura Bellows

February 2021
Social and Emotional Learning During COVID-19 and Beyond: Why It Matters and How to Support It
Author: Katie Rosanbalm

February 2021
Promoting and Protecting Early Relational Health for Infants & Toddlers in Child Care
Authors: Ennis Baker, Sharon Little, and Lauren Thomason

February 2021
Equity and Access in Gifted Education: An Examination within North Carolina
Author: Kristen Stephens

January 2021
Reimagining Policing: How Community-Led Interventions Can Improve Outcomes for Domestic Violence and Mental Health Calls
Authors: Chelsea Jubitana, Nicole Lawrence, Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler

November 2020
Working Families’ Experiences of the Enduring COVID Crisis: Snapshot from Midsummer
Authors: Elizabeth Ananat, Laura Bellows, Anna Gassman-Pines

October 2020
Reframing Law Enforcement’s Approach to Domestic Violence Calls
Authors: Chelsea Jubitana, Nicole Lawrence, Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler

Connecting with K-12 Students During COVID-19: Findings and Recommendations from a Survey of North Carolina Teachers
Authors: Doha Ali and Katie Rosanbalm

K-12 Social-Emotional Support during COVID-19: Reflections and recommendations from a survey of North Carolina teachers
Authors: Doha Ali and Katie Rosanbalm

“New Normal” for Children and Families: Developing a Universal Approach with a Focus on Equity
Authors: Doha Ali, Ennis C. Baker, Carolyn Y. Barnes, Kimberly J. Friedman, Anna Gassman-Pines, Krysta Gougler-Reeves, Katie D. Rosanbalm, Javaid E. Siddiqi

JULY 2020
Lessons Learned About Online Schooling for Young Children from K-1 Classroom and ESL Teachers
Author: Leslie Babinski and Steven J. Amendum

JULY 2020
The North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program and Remote Learning Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from a Statewide Survey of Teachers
Author: Robert C. Carr

JUNE 2020
The Added Benefit of North Carolina’s Evictions Moratorium: Protecting Vulnerable Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Sarah W. Dickerson, Anna Gassman-Pines, Elizabeth J. Gifford, Marcos A. Rangel

MAY 2020
NC Pre-K Remote Learning Survey Results | COVID-19 Response
Author: Robert C. Carr

MAY 2020
Ensuring Vulnerable Children and Families Have Access to Needed Health Services and Supports During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Authors: Elizabeth J. Gifford, Gary Maslow, David Ming, Charlene A. Wong

APRIL 2020
Supporting the Well-Being of Essential Child Care Staff and Young Children During COVID-19
Authors: Ennis Baker and Katie Rosanbalm

MARCH 2020
The Devastating Impact of COVID Crisis on Working Families
Author: Anna Gassman-Pines

Parenting Programs in Developing Countries: Findings from a UNICEF Review
Authors: Aubrey Incorvaia, Jenni W. Owen, and Jennifer E. Lansford

Multiple Response System and System of Care:  Two Policy Reforms Designed to Improve the Child Welfare System
Authors: Nicole Lawrence and Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler

One-to-One Tutoring for Reading in Grade One:  Is it beneficial for all students?
Author: Aubrey Incorvaia

Supporting Healthy Relationships Between Young Children and Their Parents. Lessons from Attachment Theory and Research
Authors: Karen Appleyard and Lisa J. Berlin