Child Policy Research Certificate Alumni

Class of 2017

Jennifer Acosta, psychology major, literature-global cultural studies major

  • Project: Examining Sixth Graders' Developmental Understanding of Their Ethnic and Racial Identity
  • Mentor: Kamilah Legette

Meredith Davin, public policy major

  • Project: School Gardens as a Tool to Teach Elementary School Curricula
  • Mentors: Shane Goodridge

Sarah Hakani, neuroscience major, education minor

  • Project: The Effect of Feedback Accessibility and Format on Academic Performance
  • Mentors: Nick Carnes

Arielle Kahn, psychology major, education minor

  • Project: Reducing the Achievement Gap: Why are Self-Affirmation Interventions Effective?
  • Mentors: Amy Anderson and Christina Grimes

Samantha Kisare, biology major, chemistry minor 

  • Project: Investigating the Effects of Different Interventions for Children who have Experienced Trauma
  • Mentors: Katie Rosanbalm