RESEARCH BRIEF: Measuring Educational Opportunity in North Carolina Public School Districts

Measuring Educational Opportunity in NC Public School Districts

In a new research brief from The Hunt Institute, Robert Carr examines data on the reading and math achievement of students as they progress from third to eighth grade.

Benefits of Childhood Mental Health Intervention ‘Ripple Across Generations’

New important research from Drew Rothenberg and Center Director Jennifer Lansford.

Investing in Latino children and youth—the future strength of the US

How the growing young Latino population in the U.S. fares matters for a robust economy and society. Lisa Gennetian and and co-author share ways to invest in their success. 

The Impact of Racial Segregation on Student Outcomes

Kellyn McDonald, Child Policy Research Certificate student ’23, authors research brief on how residential and educational segregation persist and harm students.

Child Policy Research Certificate Class of 2022

CCFP congratulates our nine Certificate students who graduated in May!