Fall 2017

Child Policy Research (cornerstone course)

ChildPol 250S/PubPol 242S
TuTh  11:45 am – 1 pm

What does it mean to be a child in the 21st century? Using an interdisciplinary approach, this course provides an overview of issues facing today’s youth, from childhood through adolescence. We will begin by exploring social forces that shape the definition of childhood across place and time, and review how different disciplines study children. We will then consider the many social contexts of childhood, including population dynamics, family, schools, the economy, and the media. One of the objectives of this course is to gain an understanding of issues of childhood adversity including poverty, violence, delinquency, education and health inequities, and how public policies address these issues.

This course is required for students working on the Child Policy Research certificate but is open to all undergraduate students.