Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Work supported by this fellowship will focus on advancing science and policy in two areas. The first set of projects will focus on how the increasing “economic distance” (or levels of income inequality) between low-income children and their peers influences later health and social mobility. This work will focus on how children’s postal codes, genetic codes and their own perceptions of their social status translate into later wellbeing and health. All online and geospatial tools for this project will be made publically available to advance research and practice. The second set of projects will stem from the launch of a “Children in the Digital Age” initiative focusing on the use of mobile technologies as tools to better understand and intervene in the lives of adolescents. Intensive momentary assessments, wearable technologies and geospatial markers will be embedded in ongoing longitudinal studies to capture daily environmental and social triggers of adolescents’ health-risk behaviours, emotions and mental health. The influence of mobile technologies on the development of adolescents in the digital age will also be explored.