Katie Rosanbalm

Research Scholar

Katie Rosanbalm is trained as a child clinical and quantitative psychologist. Her work focuses on program implementation and evaluation in the areas of child maltreatment prevention, early childhood systems, and self-regulation development. She has conducted longitudinal evaluations of child welfare reform, early childhood Systems of Care, and manualized mental health and educational interventions. She has also served on multiple state-level boards and task forces to strengthen the evidence-based implementation of programs for children and families.

Rosanbalm currently serves as a research scholar on several ongoing evaluation projects, including:

In addition, Rosanbalm is co-investigator for an ACF-funded project reviewing the literature on self-regulation development from birth through early adulthood. For this project, Rosanbalm and colleagues are completing a series of papers: (1) building an applied model of self-regulation; (2) reviewing the impact of toxic stress on self-regulation; (3) reviewing the evidence for self-regulation interventions across the developmental spectrum; and (4) discussing policy and programmatic implications for ACF programs and funding.

Research Interests:

  • Child Maltreatment
  • Children's Mental Health
  • Program Evaluation
  • Early Childhood


  • Ph.D. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio - 2002
  • Medical Psychology Intern, Child Specialization Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina - 2000
  • M.S. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio - 1997
  • B.A. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA - 1993

Recent Publications (More Publications)

  • Rosanbalm, KD; Snyder, EH; Lawrence, CN; Coleman, K; Frey, JJ; van den Ende, JB; Dodge, KA (2016) Child wellbeing assessment in child welfare: A review of four measures Children and Youth Services Review, 68, 1-16, [doi]
  • Murray, D; Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C (2016) A comprehensive review of self-regulation interventions from birth through young adulthood
  • Murray, D; Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C (2016) Self-regulation and toxic stress: Implications for programs and practice
  • Murray, D; Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C (2016) Applied Model of Self-Regulation Development ,
  • Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C (2016) Partnering for Excellence: Initial Findings and Recommendations