Angel L. Harris

Professor of Sociology; Faculty Fellow, Center for Child and Family Policy

Angel Harris' research interests include social inequality, policy, and education. His work focuses on the social psychological determinants of the racial achievement gap. Specifically, he examines the factors that contribute to differences in academic investment among African Americans, Latino/as, Asian Americans, and Whites. He also studies the impact that adolescents' perceptions of opportunities for upward socio-economic mobility have for their academic investment, and the long-term effects of youths' occupational aspirations both within the United States and Europe.


  • Ph.D. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - 2005

Recent Publications (More Publications)

  • Harris, AL; Robinson, K (2014) The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children’s Education
  • Robinson, K; Harris, AL (2013) Racial and Social Class Differences in How Parents Respond to Inadequate Achievement: Consequences for Children's Future Achievement
  • Harris, AL (2013) Can Members Of Marginalized Groups Remain Invested In Schooling?: An Assessment From The United States And The United Kingdom
  • Harris, AL; Tienda, M (2012) Hispanics in Higher Education and the Texas Top Ten Percent Law
  • YATES, SCOTT; HARRIS, ANGEL; SABATES, RICARDO; STAFF, JEREMY (2011) Early Occupational Aspirations and Fractured Transitions: A Study of Entry into ‘NEET’ Status in the UK