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David Rabiner

Associate Dean, Trinity College and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy

Academic Advising Center
(919) 684-6217

ADHD, Youth Violence Prevention, Program Evaluation

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Jerome Reiter

Mrs. Alexander Hehmeyer Associate Professor of Statistical Science and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Child and Family Policy

112A Old Chemistry
(919) 668-5227

Data and Survey Methods

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Katie Rosanbalm

Research Scholar

Erwin Square Mill Bldg, Bay C, Room 209
(919) 668-3294

Child Maltreatment, Children's Mental Health, Program Evaluation, Early Childhood

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Joel Rosch

Visiting Lecturer, Sanford School of Public Policy

205C Rubenstein Hall
(919) 613-9291

Crime and Juvenile Justice, Program Evaluation, Public Policy, Children's Mental Health, Peer Influence, Adolescent Substance Abuse, Child Maltreatment, Education, Youth Violence Prevention

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Manan Roy

Research Scientist

215 Rubenstein Hall
(919) 613-9359

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